My wife asks, “When are you going to retire?” And my answer? “From what?” Why? Nothing in this world beats what I do.
Each day is like witnessing a new born: meeting new people; seeing a new business model; witnessing a new product. I am rich regardless of materials.
Some people say that we owe our success to the government … Really?
It wasn’t the government that streamlines tedious tasks, nor the government that comes up with a cure for a disease, or the government that creates a new product to save time, energy, or make us safer.
Maybe they passed a law … but a solution? Not .. !!!
Yesterday I sat with someone that has consolidated a tedious task, reduced the cost of the task to 30% of what it used to be, and gets it done in one quarter of the time. The government might want it BUT they weren’t a part of it … not in the least.
From there I went to a company that has figured out how to reliably convert old lab instruments into new ones … saving time, money, and allowing focus to go to products and services instead of overhead and equipment.
Yesterday I spoke with someone that developed an instrument that “sees” into a wall and can tell you if there’s piping, wiring, or the like and that you better use caution. I wish I’d had that in my day!
Most importantly: Over the past four months during a time when our banks want to lend but are afraid to … unless the deal is perfect … and I could go on but won’t: I’ve had more businesses come to me for help than in the twelve months prior to. Why? They all said they were tired of waiting.
America: You’re alive and well. You’re citizen’s are itchy and their minds are engaging to create successes that I hope go beyond anything we’ve ever seen.
Yet as we proceed forward may we never forget that what we develop here should stay here and not go over seas … except to sell it of course. And from here we will again rise to being the greatest of the greatest.
Get hungry and stop waiting for scraps to be handed out. This is the land of free thinking and development so let’s take it back and make it happen!
About the author: Ernie Brown, principal at Financial Manager’s Resources, has spent the past fifteen years helping businesses step away from being held back due to cash flow. His website,, talks about what he does and who he has helped and he is always worth a conversation about working capital!