Have you ever heard of a company offering a 2% – 10 net 30 discount?
Of course! It’s a common practice to reward rapid paying customers … but what does this really cost?
A 2%-10 net 30 discount, if you convert it into conventional terms comes out to be 6% over 30 days and 72% over the course of a year … so why would you not factor the invoice for less than have of that cost?
Understanding the “time value” of money is a difficult lesson. So when should you consider factoring?

  • When you are turning away customers or orders because you are not getting paid in a timely manner.
  • When you don’t have a solid credit department to help you protect yourself from selling to someone that won’t pay you!
  • Your company has accelerating sales and cannot borrow as much money from the bank as you need to meet those demands.

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