Purchase Order Financing

Purchase order financing…


Did that “big order” you’ve been waiting for come in and now your supplier is squeezing you for a deposit or demanding payment terms you can’t possibly meet?

Purchase Order Financing may be your solution BUT if you’re selling capital equipment we can help there too! Let’s talk if this is happening to you as we’ve solved these problems many times over!

Purchase Order Financing, used as a primary financing tool, can put a stop to your company’s losing business, delaying the acceptance of orders, or risking the loss of large customers by supplementing your working capital beyond the limits of your existing cash, loans, and/or receivable lines. Purchase order financing is simple to put in place. If it isn’t possible to qualify you for one of our direct funding programs, we have alternatives even if you have no loans or a loan with a bank etc.

– Your company has a non-cancellable Purchase Order
– The product can be directly delivered to your customer or “passes through” your facility
– The supplier has good financials
– Your customer has good/excellent financials

– We like you to have transacted this before and have experience
– We prefer that there are no third parties or brokers in the chain
– We like for you to be able to provide a partial payment – though not a necessity in all cases

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Domenic Patemoster, Pres. A-1 Security

With the security opportunities soaring, we had to repeatedly delay projects until you personally spent the time with us that no one else would. We were small compared to most companies, but you saw that we were serious and weren’t afraid to work us. What you did will help us to double our sales this month and let us bid on even larger projects in the future. Ernie, the bottom line is that after all of the time that we spent hearing “No” from everyone we talked to, it was a breath of fresh air to work with you! As to our being small – we may be that now but that won’t be like that for very long!

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Ernest P. (Ernie) Brown
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