How much capital can you borrow?

Ever wonder how much money you can borrow – and why you can borrow it? Better yet: Why not access working capital without borrowing and risking your own credit rating?
Do you know that the biggest reason suppliers and service companies become deadlocked with their cash flow is that their customers use them as their own bank? If you offer open terms: You are now their credit provider!
That said though: Companies that sell to other companies can Cash Flow simply by invoice factoring. What are their concerns? The biggest is that their customer will find out. If that’s true why is that when you have large customers with great credit would it also not be true that those customers are already sending checks to factoring companies?
More often than not when a potential factoring prospect sends us their customer list we are already working with their largest customers with other suppliers. A fact: Some large companies will not do business with a new company UNLESS that new company is using a factor and to go it a step further some even have specialists in house that are there to work with the factoring companies. Why? When that customer starts buying steadily they cannot afford the call back when they place an order: “We can’t fill this because we can’t cash flow.” (Actually we both know that you are going to come with some other very lame excuse but you’ll make one up!) When a factor is in place they know that their order is going to be filled … and they rely on it!
If we can help you in a case like this call me personally: Ernie Brown MBA-DCFS @ 1-603-818-4778. Remember: Being turned down by a bank isn’t the end … it’s just a different beginning!