Minority Businesses

Invoice Factoring, Account Receivable Factoring, and Commercial Factoring for Government Suppliers and Diversity and Minority Contractors

Our mission is to support commercial and government entities looking to accelerate the benefits of their commitment to providing opportunity to evolving diversity and minority owned businesses by providing education, resource, and business strategy to these businesses in a way that promotes solvency, growth, and reliability.

Our Message…

The benefits to primary contractors and commercial companies creating opportunities for diversity and minority owned companies motivated Millennium Funding to formally create a dedicated division staffed by experienced consultants committed to supporting small business and competitive opportunity in a relationship driven environment.Whether your contracts are ID/IQ; MAS; GWAC; MAC; or conventionally formatted, call us at 1-603-818-4778 or email us at ebrown@finance-manager.com to discuss how we can customize a solution for you!

The Benefits…

Increasing your supply base by having available resources experienced in supporting new and existing bidders, more often than not, creates a competitive advantage.Would access to a resource that can support on time delivery be an asset?Would an increase in qualified vendors delivering on time help your bottom line? Many company’s offer programs to align vendors with their business processes, but often times these programs do not address solvency issues that impact this relationship. It is not a secret that, more often than not:To avoid impact to delivery commitments, the sub-contractors/supplier must go to the customer for pre-funding – a problem for which there may not be a mechanism to address, but does become a reality to avoid contract impact.


In papers published by members of the International Supply Institute, one of the primary reasons cited for service and supply company failures to meet contract objectives is cash flow and/or the lack of having alternative financing resources in place.

Our Staff

Having directly managed vendors within the corporate world affords our department hands on experience. Our history of dealing with the sensitive complexities of a small business providing goods and/or services to a large corporation and managing cash flow is why you want a team with first hand experience keeping everything moving in a timely manner.

The Extra Mile…

Our experiences have evolved our strategy to go beyond just ‘providing capital’. We are ready to consult directly with service and material suppliers as well as provide primary contractors and manufacturers an external resource to support their supply chain in becoming an extension of their businesses. Whether you are a primary contractor, a manufacturer, or a smaller company looking to step up into larger opportunities, you need to call us at 1-603-818-4778 or email us at mailto:ebrown@finance-manager.com .We look forward to hearing from you!

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Ernest P. (Ernie) Brown
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