Invoice Factoring

Factoring, Invoice factoring, and Commercial Factoring

Tired of being your customer’s bank? That’s right: Your sales you are a gift to your customer until they pay you – but we can help that! Any time your working capital availability is depleted because your sales are solid but your customers are slow paying you should consider factoring.

AVOID BORROWING: Why? Borrowing typically leads to more borrowing until the road ends. Factoring allows you to cash flow and NEVER HAVE TO BORROW. That said:
• Do you have credit worthy customers?
• Do you want to sell open terms and can’t cash flow resulting in delaying shipments and disappointed customers?
• Do you want to attract larger customers confidently and have them buy more?
• Is your product one of quality and reliability?

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F. Vacarro, President, Diamond Staffing

Before we started working with you, Ernie, we had three offices that could not grow because we could not access working capital anywhere! A year ago we were at $80,000 month and have since added three offices, acquired three other businesses, and focus on growing while you keep delivering the money…Your knowledge and resources, Ernie, were the keys to our growth. With your guidance and access to working capital you helped us grow past $1 million a month and offices in six states leading to our selling a thriving business. Ernie, we could not have done it without you!

Domenic Patemoster, President of A-1 Security Utica, NY

“Our greatest hour was going from COD to a $50,000 credit line with our largest supplier. In addition to your Working Capital Program letting us pay everyone on time, your interaction with our creditors went beyond anything that we could ask for. You have positioned us to compete with the “Big Guys” …. something that we never expected to accomplish this having been in business less than a year!”

Chris Ladabouche, Principal of CGL Financial Accounting Services, Email:

“Ernie, referring a client you is always a pleasure because people call me and thank me … something that is always appreciated. Not only have you directly helped so many of my clients but in turn you are a great asset to our growing our practice. Although your primary focus is delivering capital the Value-Added you provide goes far beyond anything I could ever ask for!”

Ed Polubinski, Esquire Email:

“When one of our clients was on the verge of being foreclosed on and you proved that you could provide the cash flow he needed to remain solvent, the bank and his creditors relaxed their pressure and let him run his business instead of him worrying about how he could pay his bills.”

Judy Perry, Hampstead Nursing and Staffing, Hampstead, NH

” … after being promised loans that never materialized I was growing frustrated. Although all that I thought you did was get people credit lines, you aligned my whole business for me so that it all made sense again – something that I will always be thankful for! When I met you I sensed that you took a lot of pride in seeing your customers succeed but I never expected to experience the commitment you always showed!”

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Ernest P. (Ernie) Brown