Most every business owner that calls me says the same thing, “I can’t get my customer to pay. If they did I could grow and I wouldn’t have to borrow.”
We’ve said it before: “A sale of goods or services is a gift to your customer until they pay you.” Really? When you sell on open terms you just became the bank so how do you manage this?
Our clients use us to assess their customer’s business credit and ask us to set the tone of their transactions. There are several reasons for this:

  • First: They avoid selling to customers that won’t pay on time
  • Second: We most always will buy their invoices in 24 – 48 hours
  • Third: They know if their customer is happy with the sale – day one!

By using factoring services you:

  • Know the credit rating of your customer
  • Know when you can access the money you have earned
  • Avoid playing the roll of the bank
  • Have the working capital you need to move on to the next thing!

BUYER BEWARE: Have you seen the adds for INVOICE FACTORING for 0.5% or maybe less.
CAUTION: When Factoring companies propose to you that they will factor your invoices for less than a bank would charge you does that make sense? Why and how I ask? It’s easy: These companies provide you a low rate proposal and then they hide all sorts of hidden fees into the contract. You accept a proposal but guess what … you sign a contract. Watch out for …

  • line fees
  • usage fees
  • late payment fees
  • non-usage fees
  • over advance fees
  • and others … if you can imagine that!!!

Anytime someone sends you a contract at no cost we are happy to review it and tell you the pitfalls. Is it possible there won’t be any? Maybe … but we haven’t seen it happen not in 20 years!
In closing: If you want to run your business COD talk to us about how our clients have been doing it for decades … many of whom won’t go back to a bank.
Why? We don’t hide our fess; we are up front about our costs; and clients see us as an extension of their business – not just another factoring company.
Call me directly at 1-603-818-4778 or email me at because getting told “NO” by the bank isn’t the end … it’s just a different beginning!