Equipment Financing

Equipment Financing


With over twenty years in the equipment and business financing sectors after significant vetting we have proudly earned the privilege of representing North Star Leasing here in the Northeast.

To do this we had to repeatedly demonstrate a total commitment to customer service; an understanding of financing options that can be made available and how to match these up to our customer’s situation and needs; and the willingness to look at our services as a team effort all focused around you: Our Customers and Vendors.

That said: We ask the opportunity to prove ourselves one transaction at a time so that said here are some of the many services and programs we make available and stand behind.

Call me directly with questions: Ernie Brown 1-978-857-6093 or email: .


  • Application Only Financing – Only a one-page application can get you up to $500,000 in financing.
  • Lowest Rates for Top Credits – “A” credits will get some of the lowest finance rates available today. If you don’t qualify for this tier we’ll continue to work for you to get the best we can!
  • Startups & Challenged Credits – We are also experts on these segments with the best approval ratio’s in the industry.
  • 100% Financing – One payment for the total project including freight, rigging, site prep, install/labor, and all other soft costs.
  • Used Equipment: aged equipment is welcomed as we understand the useful life of equipment – not just the depreciated value of same.
  • Finance Contracts & Structures – Loans, Capital Leases, Operating Leases, Fixed Payoffs (Balloons), Deferred, Step, Seasonal, etc. We’ll match your need as best that we can.
  • Finance Programs – Rate Buydowns (down to 0%), Low Rate Discounted & Bundled Consumables, Zero Down with 90 Day Skip, Bakers Dozen, and Vendor Customized Programs.
  • Simple & Fast Documentation – DocuSign.
  • Payment Terms That Are Made to be Affordable – 12 to 84 months.

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Email Ernie Brown directly at: or call directly @ 1-978-857-6093 for a free consultation.


What are the advantages of an equipment lease?

  • Minimizes out-of-pocket costs and typically creates an immediate positive cash flow.
  • Simplifies budgeting because you establish a limited and fixed payment.
  • Locks rates in and eliminates concern over variable interest rates.
  • Can create a direct tax deduction versus loan payments that are proportionally depreciated.
  • Keeps credit and bank lines available for working capital application.
  • Structured payments are available for seasonality or start-up needs.
  • Provides rapid returns on assets versus long payback periods.
  • Hedges against equipment obsolescence.

What equipment leasing doesn’t do…

  • Create covenants as do many loan agreements.
  • Require down payments or large deposits (typically).

Bob France, Senate Construction

“Ernie, after we were promised financing (and all we got were promises!) you helped us acquire equipment that saved us $4,000 a month – over eight times the amount of the monthly payment – and did it in time to meet our contract obligations. Not only were the savings important, but you protected our reputation for meeting our commitments on time!”

Bill Purvis, Beta Star Corporation

“In addition to relieving our receivables back-ups, your leasing programs actually helped us close more sales. Ernie, we both know that I was hesitant to work with you because other companies made promises to us and never delivered, such as the company that left us and our customer hanging with an $80,000 piece of equipment that they had approved the buyer for financing – and then retracted the proposal after we had built and delivered the piece. Thankfully you did everything you said – and then some!”

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Ernest P. (Ernie) Brown