Invoice Factoring and sale lease backs are two processes that release the equity your business owns in it’s assets. When working capital is buried in an asset we refer to this as a “non performing asset” because it’s not doing your business any good. When you need cash and your money is tied up in assets such as accounts receivables and/or equipment this is not helping you.
Invoice factoring is of course the strategic conversion of invoices to cash to grow your business.
Sale lease backs, done with both equipment and property, sell your property for a lump of cash under the agreement that you buy it back under a lease agrement … all the while having that large lump of working capital to employ growing your business as well as legal right to receive back your asset at the end of the agreement.
Know your assets! Non-performing assets have cash value,but are not working for you when you need them so make a solid financial decision and put these to work appropriately.