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Words to succeed by:

  • Proposals give and contracts take away
  • Cheap money never comes easy … and easy money never comes cheaply
  • If the early bird is said to catch the worm why is it that the second mouse to the trap gets to eat the cheese safely?

MBA-DCFS Ernie Brown has over twenty years of proven experience financing businesses from start-ups to established operations. Having spent 8(+) years training brokers and consultants nationwide for a consortium of lenders and funders he made a decision: He would work independently! Why? Very few borrowing needs are ever the same so only having one or two resources available to a borrower made no sense so Ernie coordinated a “stable” of reliable resources to give businesses a chance to succeed even when the banks said “NO”.

From his years of teaching thousands of students Ernie is well versed in factoring, asset based lending, equipment leasing/financing, SBA lending, and the Fix n’ Flip markets throughout New England and beyond. He’s also a master dealing with distressed real estate projects and helping companies avoid liquidations!

A trusted advisor, Ernie is often called by bankers and attorneys for the situation “outside of the box” so if you have a question he is always happy to take your call or answer your email! He is also a sought after speaker on Alternative Financing having spoke at many conferences and for several MBA programs and the like.


Ernie Brown

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Ernest P. (Ernie) Brown
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