Thank you for visiting out website and taking time to educate yourself more on business financing. Working Capital and Cash Flow, which are the life blood of every business, is something that none of us can ever know enough about especially in this changing environment.

A comment by one of the hardest working and most committed VP’s I’ve met from a large Commercial bank stated in a recent business journal article,” The banks look for a stable and predictable primary source of payment, operating cash flow from the business. And then we are going to look for a secondary source of repayment, whether it’s a an adequate collateral position and/or the strength of the guarantor … . The issue is that there are fewer companies that hit that today … ”

So … what do you do? Explore our website and call us. If we can’t help you directly maybe someone we know can. Either way: Thank you for your time and if ever we can help or advice you let us know!

Ernie Brown MBA-DCFS
Principal of Financial Manager’s Resources