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Ernie Brown


As a member of the commercial Finance Association and a trusted advisor with twenty years of service in this industry, Ernie is close to being a household name in the northeast. In addition, he has spent over eight years teaching consultants how to properly and ethically write proposals, prepare documents for underwriters and is an experienced convention speaker, If lower costs and reliable availability of working capital are what you want contact Ernie directly…or if you have spoken with other factors and need something explained he’s always happy to do so.

REMEMBER: “Proposals give… and Contracts take it away, so before you sign a factoring contract get it explained so that you understand it. It will save you time, money, and most of all let you run your business the way you want to – and not have to!”


  • Programs customized to your cash flow needs.
  • High advances, customer credit insurance and open ended agreements.
  • Control of what you want to factor, when you want to factor.
  • Validity agreements vs. Personal guarantees
  • Personalized service and not just the decrees of a contract.

Do you want to grow sales? Control Working Capital? Become Bankable without borrowing? If you have credit worthy customers, Invoice Factoring may well be your solution!  STOP BEING YOUR CUSTOMERS BANK and offer open terms while taking on larger customer than ever before. Call us now and we’ll work to customize a program specific for your business.

We have helped our clients achieve SBA Entrepreneur of the Year designation, receive one of SBANE’s coveted Profitable Connections Awards, and help others receive various community and area recognitions for the growth and expansion.

Our financing solutions proved to be the keys to success … not just survival … of these clients and we are proud if it! Face it: Many businesses in today’s environment cannot borrow enough money –if any at all – from banks but our processes are all proven and reliable ways to capitalize your business without creating debt.

CAUTION: Does it make sense to you that a factor offer pricing is less than the cost of bank loan? Why then would you trust them?  When you select a source for invoice factoring, make sure that you know the end cost of using these services. Don’t fall into the trap of being fooled by low front end pricing offers that are used as bait. Our reputation with our clients has been established on our explaining the process and empowering them with the knowledge to control their accounts and thereby keep their costs down.


  • Credit worthiness of your customers: The better it is the lower the price.
  • Size of invoices and frequency of repeat sales: Large invoices and repeat customer sales keep costs down.
  • Pay patterns of your customers: This allows you to predict and control your costs.
  • Volume and frequency you plan to factor: The more we factor the more efficient we all are.
  • As your business changes, so can your pricing and if customers change their pay patterns – we’ll adjust with you!

WHEN SHOULD YOU USE FACTORING? Any company offering open terms to their customers that cannot sustain cash flow because their sales exceed their working capital availability should consider factoring. Avoid creating debt by borrowing: It doesn’t go away and often times forces you to borrow even more!

F. Vacarro, President, Diamond Staffing

Before we started working with you, Ernie, we had three offices that could not grow because we could not access working capital anywhere! A year ago we were at $80,000 month and have since added three offices, acquired three other businesses, and focus on growing while you keep delivering the money…Your knowledge and resources, Ernie, are the keys to our growth. With your guidance and access to working capital you helped us grow past $1 million a month. We also have offices in six states on the East Coast. Ernie, we could not have done it without you.

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