Purchase Order Financing

Purchase order financing can put a stop to your company’s losing business, delaying the acceptance of orders, or risking the loss of large customers by supplementing your working capital beyond the limits of your existing cash, loans, and/or receivable lines. Purchase order financing is simple to put in place. If it isn’t possible to qualify you for one of our direct funding programs, we have alternatives.

What is Purchase Order Financing? Financial Manager’s Resources facilitates payments to your suppliers for materials and goods as well as coverage for labor that’s applied to manufacturing.

Domenic Patemoster, Pres. A-1 Security

With the security opportunities soaring, we had to repeatedly delay projects until you personally spent the time with us that no one else would. We were small compared to most companies, but you saw that we were serious and weren’t afraid to work us. What you did will help us to double our sales this month and let us bid on even larger projects in the future. Ernie, the bottom line is that after all of the time that we spent hearing “No” from everyone we talked to, it was a breath of fresh air to work with you! As to our being small – we may be that now but that won’t be like that for very long!

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