Invoice Factoring

Factoring, Invoice factoring, and Commercial Factoring

Factoring, although referred to in many ways, is simply the sale of an invoice to a third party at a discount typically in an ongoing manner. Credit Card processing is in fact the factoring of that sales transaction i.e. the store owner ‘sells’ the transaction to the credit card company and you, or we, pay the credit card company using open terms while the credit card company pays the store owner in 24 – 72 hours Same process! From here there are many derivations that have evolved because situations vary and in order to facilitate working capital so too must the programs vary. Invoice factoring for instance is typically done one invoice at a time. Commercial Factoring is a term referring to the invoice factoring of accounts receivables created between the supplier of goods and/or services with other businesses and or government entities that are not construction oriented. There is also no third party billing which means that the work is done by a source for a customer but is paid by someone else as an insurance company for instance

OUR COMMITMENT: Make the most working capital available to you at a cost that makes sense for the process while ensuring that the transactions are all safe and secure. Our best client is fully educated in how this process works so that what you they do results in the lowest possible costs while accessing the highest available levels of working capital.

Why should you choose us?

  • Our low rates are customized to your customer pay patterns resulting in the lowest costs to you.
  • We utilize a validity agreement vs. a personal guarantee and you control what you do and when
  • Our program terms are flexible, offer high advances, and can be structured to your needs

How long does it take to set up a factoring program?

  • We will issue a proposal typically on the same day we determine you qualify and have provided us with four simple pieces of information: A one page Application, a receivables Aging Report, your Customer Credit Information, a Sample Invoice.
  • From beginning to end this process can take as little as 72 hours. Once in place funding can take place on a daily basis. Factoring companies need to file a UCC1 on your accounts receivables (or should if they planning on staying in business!). The amount of time this takes varies from two to three days and if someone is promising you something different find out why!

What questions should you ask about factoring?

  • Did you know that there are three types of factoring programs?
  • Do you know what “Up to a 90% advance” means or what the terms Advance, Reserve, and Concentration mean?
  • If the price you’ve been quoted is way lower than what other companies are charging: Do you know where in the contracts you need to look to find out all of the additional fees?

Facts you should know

  • Invoice factoring let’s you strategically convert receivables to working capital.
  • Invoice factoring doesn’t restrict how you use the funds and lets you run your business.
  • Invoice factoring can support you by pre-screening and monitoring your customer’s credit conditions.
  • As the owner, Invoice factoring gives you control of your cash levels so you can focus on your business, instead of chasing customers for payments and jeopardizing the relationship.
  • Invoice factoring can protect and rebuild your good credit, let you offer open terms to large customers, and let you take on additional work knowing that you have the working capital to succeed.

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Domenic Patemoster, President of A-1 Security Utica, NY

“Our greatest hour was going from COD to a $50,000 credit line with our largest supplier. In addition to your Working Capital Program letting us pay everyone on time, your interaction with our creditors went beyond anything that we could ask for. You have positioned us to compete with the “Big Guys” …. something that we never expected to accomplish this having been in business less than a year!”

Chris Ladabouche, Principal of CGL Financial Accounting Services, Email:

“Ernie, referring a client you is always a pleasure because people call me and thank me … something that is always appreciated. Not only have you directly helped so many of my clients but in turn you are a great asset to our growing our practice. Although your primary focus is delivering capital the Value-Added you provide goes far beyond anything I could ever ask for!”

Ed Polubinski, Esquire Email:

“When one of our clients was on the verge of being foreclosed on and you proved that you could provide the cash flow he needed to remain solvent, the bank and his creditors relaxed their pressure and let him run his business instead of him worrying about how he could pay his bills.”

Judy Perry, Hampstead Nursing and Staffing, Hampstead, NH

” … after being promised loans that never materialized I was growing frustrated. Although all that I thought you did was get people credit lines, you aligned my whole business for me so that it all made sense again – something that I will always be thankful for!  When I met you I sensed that you took a lot of pride in seeing your customers succeed but I never expected to experience the commitment you always showed!”

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