Asset Based Loans

Asset based loans to restructure debt without a lot of covenants, allow us to accomplish the tougher financing deals business owners as well as consultants might face, without advance fees.

If you are a manufacturer, service provider, wholesaler, or involved with Leveraged Buyouts / Mergers and Acquisitions then we should talk. Most of what we work with employs $3MM to $15MM but was can easily go smaller or larger when the need is there.Best of all, our niche lending programs help the situation with bad credit and not so normal assets. If this is what you are facing give us a call.

Many asset based lenders only fund accounts receivables, this means that you may lose out on much of the cash value of your assets.

Our loans have included revolvers, equipment term loans, lines of credit, and other structures, but when they came together, it gave our clients what they needed to get their goal accomplished.

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The growth of your company may depend on it!

Amar Smith, ChemGenes, Inc.

“Ernie, after our Bank had convinced us that $400,000 was the most money that could possibly be made available to us by them or anyone else, it only took you two days to produce a proposal that nearly tripled that amount. What’s worse is that we had already lost over three months searching for something that you provided in just two days – and it’s even tougher for me to admit that it took three weeks for you to convince me to even give you that chance!”

W.Whitfield, W.E. Richards

“Your rapid learn of our manufacturing business and your professional skills took us from being cash locked with a negative net worth of $280,000, to cash flowing with a positive net worth of $330,000 in only nine months. Thankfully, we put faith in the source that referred us to you! We were in dire straights, but the sequence that you structured, and the seemingly endless resources that you utilized to create cash from our assets – something that no one else would do – let us recover and re-grow what we had lost. What you are capable of is truly something that even healthy businesses can benefit from!”

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