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Invoice Factoring and commercial factoring, were not working capital solutions that our founder ever thought he’d be involved with, but once he saw the power within factoring and what it could do, he couldn’t stay away. With a Master’s Degree in Leadership and Turn Around Management, capitalizing businesses by applying invoice factoring, asset based lending, and other financing programs became second nature to our founder. Ernest has spread the word that companies DO have an opportunity to grow their business, for those who could not access bank financing needed both as resource for their capital but more importantly the personal touch of someone that cares. With that in mind, Financial Manager’s Resource was founded and also became accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

Frustrated with dealing with companies that were out just to ‘sell money’ or collect pre-fees (and oftentimes never provide a service or facilitate the needed financing!) Ernie carefully researched and built relationships with the companies that put pride in their reputation and the ultimate success of their client’s customers – not just their own. After moving to New Hampshire, Ernie felt a name change to Business Funding Northeast was an appropriate move, so in 2013, he began that conversion.


Ernie Brown

Ernie has walked in your shoes

In the early 1990s, Ernie was in the position of having his assets dissolved to settle debts resulting from the start up of a small business in which he was a partner. Frustrated, turned down by numerous banks, and spending more time searching for money than running his then ailing business, the seed for Financial Manager’s Resources was germinated.

Why Clients and Professionals Trust Business Funding Northeast

While speaking at a convention, Ernie was asked what he owed his success to and he responded by citing five things:

  • “Treat each situation as if it was my own need and my own business thereby solving the problem the way that I would want it solved.”
  • “Maintain relationships with the best resources I can find and never stop investigating both those I currently use as well as search out new resources.”
  • “Continually study solutions others have used to expand my knowledge base and share that with others as is appropriate.”
  • “When I am referred to someone never forget that the reputation of the person that made the referral is on the line … not just my own.”
  • “When I have worked with someone or tried to work with someone (not all situations can be helped) I want that person to walk away feeling that I did the best that I could for them and that I was up front, honest, and respected their situation – not tried to take advantage of it.”

What differentiates us from other funding resources?

Whereas we don’t obligate our clients to any one source, we take the time to understand our client’s need and help them align that need to a proven source … not just shop for a best price. Most pricing, once all facets of the lending fees are added in, more often than not come out to be about the same, so it is important to make sure that availability comes first while keeping a close watch on the price! Doing this brings together the best of all worlds.


Finance and Consulting accomplishments include:

  • Successful facilitation of hundreds of millions of dollars of credit lines and working capital for growing businesses.
  • Reliably transacted the purchase of and/or equity cash outs of properties and asset driven businesses located nationwide.
  • Helping numerous business owners expand their present business and/or acquire new businesses.
  • Serving as a Business Development Officer for a $200 Million dollar international factor while responsible for a team of consultants as well as the financial development and growth of clients coast to coast.

Personal and Professional accomplishments include:

  • Receiving National Certification as a Diversified Cash Flow Specialist.
  • Serving as President of the New England Chapter of Cash Flow Consultants for two years. (Ernie also served two years prior to this as the Director of Training and Development for that same chapter.)
  • Being an award winning writer highlighted in trade and lender journals and newsletters as well as being a contributing author.
  • Being a sought-after speaker for trade show programs and other professional forums nationwide. Lecturing on cash flow working capital sources and positioning companies so that they can borrow.
  • Donating time and services to community organizations and non-profits that need help with their financing needs.

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Ernest P. (Ernie) Brown
7 Westview Drive. Litchfield, NH 03052
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